National Association for Fun:

is a not-for-profit division of Fun Forward and was founded by Debbie LaFiura.


The Mission:

is to educate and provide entertainment to the community through fun related information and build a fun online community.
National Association For Fun

Our Founder:

Debbie LaFiura founded her company Fun Forward in 2010 to share her passion for fun through movement, dance and the art of hula hooping in her community.  Today, Fun Forward successfully brings forward the fun to the Greater New York/New Jersey area by offering a unique party experience for children with an old fashion approach.  For the adults her company introduces activities to nourish the child within, thru workshops, exercise classes and crafts.  Debbie even offers fun to the corporate venue through workshops where attendees are introduced to unique, fun and enhanced stress reduction programs.

With all of her experience building Fun Forward, in 2016 Debbie founded the National Association For Fun, with a goal of bringing smiles and laughter to as many people as possible and to create an online community solely dedicated to FUN!


Debbie’s Story:

After a battle with a serious and life threatening illness, Debbie decided to begin anew with a goal of searching and adding more fun into her life. Springing from a beginner class, suggested by her soon to be hula hooping instructor, Sierra Rose Shafer, she experienced awe while watching Sierra move with a hula hoop.  Sierra, a community leader in Hoop Dance, demonstrated a combination of skill and strength and as Debbie watched, she knew with all her heart that she wanted to learn to exercise that way!  “Sierra mesmerized me with her flow and was gracefully able to combine fun with a full body workout.” Shortly after, Debbie received her certification and began teaching adults and children her art. Recently, Debbie has partnered with an established marketer and developer of web services and has become Director of Entertainment at Fun Forward. Debbie is also a certified substitute teacher for grades prek-12.