Do wishes really come true?

By on Feb 18, 2018 in Healthy Fun | 4 comments

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Wishing equals lots of initial feel good vibes which is lots of positive energy worth expending. Another way to look at wishing is to call it a “pending gratitude”. A gratitude is being grateful for something that has happened. A pending gratitude is being grateful for something that has the possibility of happening, better know as having hope for a good outcome.



Wishes really can come true (sometimes).

Probably all of us have heard references to wishing: “wishful thinking”, “wish upon a star”, or “never stop making wishes” to name a few, with the last quote being my favorite.

Merriam-Webster defines wishing: “regarded as having the power to grant wishes” ~ threw a coin in the wishing well. First known use, circa 1530.

I am a wishful thinker and happy to be so because I think wishing can be a healthy activity. It has an underlying assumption that I have hope for “a good outcome” and the creative ability to conjure up a wish or two.

When I dream up a wish, apply it to a situation and let go of any expectation of it materializing, I benefit from the creative process. By letting go of any desired outcome, I am also letting go of the possibility of a disappointment, should my wish not come to pass.

Wishing you lot’s of wonderful wishing with hope that your wishes will turn into reality and you’ll have fun conjuring up creative outcomes.


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