The funny spin on hula hooping

By on Sep 12, 2017 in Hoopla Fun, Party Fun, Silly Fun | 2 comments

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I think of the hula hoop as a genius type of invention. Born in the 1950’s as a toy, it has evolved into being many things to many different types of people. I’ve heard it described as a sport-like activity, offering a vigorous and full body workout, an instant stress reliever, a child’s game but when used by a adult, an alternative to boring types of exercise. As a dance form, it provides a creative outlet with endless motion as the hooper loops around performing difficult and “effortful” gained skills. I have seen it used as a prop in competitive olympic workouts.  Some have even claimed feeling a spiritual significance as they circled, looped and flowed within the symbolic circle, a meaning understood throughout most cultures as “the circle of life”.

But is there something funny about hula hooping? I think so. When I first tried hula hooping as an adult, I remember an instant feeling of awkwardness! I bumped, mis-stepped, struggled and then dropped the hoop, again and again. With practice and persistence, it became exercise and play, silly and serious and a wonderful opportunity to laugh at the adult that wanted so much to be feel like a child again. 🙂


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