Simple fun is the best party plan!

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Have you ever planned a child’s birthday party that involved so much work, that you couldn’t enjoy the fun? That’s a common result of over planning and worth trying to make your next party simple. The phrase “less is more” comes to mind along with a possible more memorable experience and less stress and dollars. So how does one simplify a 5 year old’s birthday celebration?


It is possible and you may be surprised on how easy it can be! Kids need few things to find enjoyment even when in a group. An attentive adult and time is a good foundation that goes far. That’s where a good entertainer can come in handy. Be it a hire or if you decide to invent the activities yourself, everything that comes after that, is in the hints taken from the kids themselves.

Are they an active bunch today? Try games then that use up their energy while putting the focus on the activity. Musical chairs, pin the tail on the party theme (be it Olaf, Mickey or any of the child’s favorite characters). Obstacle courses with challenge games thru out, like a ring toss or jump rope to get them to transition into different skills. Hula hooping contests that even get the boys spinning into the competition. If they are a calmer bunch, a craft party, story time or puppet show works well as the main theme.













The goal here is to have a few simple activities with one special activity finale ..like a character dress to end your party with a memorable photo or hug. In the end, parents also get a chance to relax if their little one’s are calmer. We think “simple is best”. What do you think?

Simple fun is the best party plan!

Keep in mind that there are entertainers you can hire, that can provide services geared towards simpler venue’s.

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