My Monster Thinking

By on Mar 9, 2017 in Artsy Fun, Healthy Fun, Silly Fun | 0 comments

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Unless you are perfect, we all have it! Thinking certain thoughts that can prevent the possibility of a more peaceful and enjoyable day! The solution may seem simple, like to just stop thinking about them right? Possibly, however it didn’t work that easily for me. I would think things over and over again, with a variety of solutions and a plan that was sure to work the next time around!

If my solution worked, it didn’t seem to work for very long. I’d be right back to the thoughts and feelings with a new added frustration of “here I go again.”

Thankfully, I realized the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to have a new outcome. Being somewhat of a visual and creative person, I decided to “get the monsters out of my head and give them a new home.” After all, they had been renting in my head for free. It was about time to evict the little critters! My craft was a good start!

Crafts, hobbies and anything that can get us out of the “same old” behavior can be both challenging and enjoyable. Hobbies can be good physically if they get us moving and crafts can aid in our mental health by improving alertness and concentration. Both can boost creativity and even give us a chance to grow spiritually if they calm our minds, acting as a type of meditation.

Stress reduction can be another benefit as well as strengthening relationships with people who are joining us. Finally, if you are really good at your craft or hobby, it can even bring in additional income. A nice benefit!

I like having at least one way to deal with non productive thinking. It has become a healthier choice for me. Do you have monsters lurking around in your life? We’d like to know how you chase them away?





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