Are you lucky in love?

By on Feb 2, 2017 in Healthy Fun | 0 comments

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I feel like posting this blog using the colors red and pink. With all the glamour that surrounds a day that celebrates love, who wouldn’t feel moved to respond in kind. Everywhere I go, I am reminded of the season and I must admit, I really enjoy the fuss! Red hearts of every shape and size, delicious candy and cards with beautiful words that are a reminder of the wonderful emotion we feel and express as LOVE! 

Do you think love is an emotion that captures us unsuspectingly or is choice? What does love mean to you?


When I try to come up with a meaning, I can’t help noting all the different kinds of love. I believe love is large. Too large to ever be truly understood!

It can be mysterious, baffling, painful and even frustrating at times while glorious, kind, delightful and full of hope. I think love begins with self love that unfolds to others by extending ourselves.


I also think love is effort. Though I don’t think that belief is popularly held in our Western culture, it’s worth pondering? For instance, romantic love takes very little effort. It can be fun and exciting but when the stars fall from our eyes, lol, and we realize our love relationship may take some work, I think that is when love actually begins (barring any abusive relationships).  The same with loving our friends, family, kids and just about every other relationship we encounter.

Do you think you are lucky in love?  We’d love to hear your thoughts. Wishing you luck in loving and being loved!

Happy Valentines Day!

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