Fun in the Snow

By on Jan 11, 2017 in Healthy Fun, Hoopla Fun, Silly Fun | 2 comments

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Get a little silly with your imagination next time it snows. Instead of making an ordinary snow angel with your kids, add a hula hoop for a halo effect.

Most adults think of snow as a burdensome cleanup job and a slippery after the storm accident waiting to happen. Though snowy weather can certainly be dangerous, with careful planning it can be a great excuse to stay off roads and nurture your inner child with some good old fashion fun.

Give the gift of Snow Hearts to let others who are also enjoying the snow with you, know just how special they are. Snow fun is limited only by your own creativity. What possibilities can you come up with?

Make a snow goddess instead of a snowman. Playing in the snow is another feel good child like activity which can help relieve stress and give you an incredible workout at the same time.

If you want to change up your perspective on exercising, instead of going to the gym try taking a snowy hike and enjoy the good feeling of fresh air. Make sure to wear waterproof clothes and boots and bring along some water to stay hydrated. The scenery will uplift you and the sunshine will be an added boost of vitamin D to your face.


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